The Swiss-American Association of Connecticut

bonjour, buon giorno, bun di, grüezi mitenand, hello

Are you a native-born Swiss or do you have Swiss roots? Are you a friend of Switzerland and its deep European heritage and fascinating culture? Have you lived in this small alpine nation or toured the land while on holiday? Whatever your connection to this incredible and dynamic country, consider becoming a member of the Swiss-American Association of Connecticut. 


The primary purpose of the Swiss-American Association of Connecticut is to cultivate the social experiences of the Swiss and friends of Switzerland in Connecticut. The association also aims to preserve the social and cultural heritage of Switzerland while fostering a friendship between Switzerland and the U.S.  


We are a multi-lingual club that celebrates and honors Switzerland. We do this by sponsoring social and cultural events throughout the year, with most activities suitable for the entire family. The Swiss-American Association of Connecticut is always looking for new members that love Switzerland, its culture and its people.


Welcome and come join us!


 If you would like membership information, please click on the Membership link.   For further details on Upcoming Events, please visit this link.



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